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Toho Pharmaceutical and the Kyoso Mirai Group are taking on the challenge of becoming an gExcellent Company.h
Hiromi Edahiro
As the pharmaceutical wholesaling business division of Toho Holdings, Toho Pharmaceutical and the Kyoso Mirai Group are bound together by gflexible bonds.h By enhancing their wholesale functions with proposal-based marketing and sales as the core solutions business, we have established a unique position in the pharmaceutical wholesaling market. The medical industry is expected to face a turning point in the future, but we will stay a step ahead of the changing industry by advancing both pharmaceutical wholesale functions and customer support functions, grounded in gthe customerfs perspective.h

We have made gExcellent Companyh Toho Pharmaceuticalfs new theme. We will strive to satisfy patients and medical institution staff in a way that convinces them that Toho Pharmaceutical is an gExcellent Company.h We will make the Company into one that the local community, employees, and shareholders evaluate as an gExcellent Company.h Furthermore, each company of the Kyoso Mirai Group throughout Japan will work toward becoming an gExcellent Companyh as a pillar of Toho Holdings.

We are implementing three key phrases in our drive toward becoming an gExcellent Company.h The first key phrase is ggrowth and profit.h We consider it important for Toho Pharmaceutical and each company in the Kyoso Mirai Group to continue to achieve performances and operating profits that surpass previous area growth. The second key phrase is gthorough support for prescribers.h We will develop powerful marketing capabilities that leverage the MS function, and channel our utmost efforts into visiting the doctors that prescribe prescription pharmaceuticals. The third key phrase is ga spirit of challenge.h We will constantly aim to be number one in response to industry changes and to take on new business challenges.

Under the pledge of gTotal commitment to good health,h Toho Pharmaceutical and each company in the Kyoso Mirai Group will continue striving to increase their own survivability as we strive to be an gExcellent Company.h
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