Our Business

Our Business

Implement every solution related to healthcare from the standpoint of patients

TOHO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. supports healthcare from various angles, focusing on the patients as end-users. TOHO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. is a medical supplier, which can provide total support including from an administrative aspect which draws on the characteristics of each medical institution as well as the expertise of doctors. We will continue to contribute to improving the medical environment with the goal of becoming a "proposal-based company," which can always meet market needs.

Our Business

List of our support areas


With a variety of product lines, we ensure quick and accurate delivery.


From basic to clinical, we serve as a liaison for modern medicine which continues to demonstrate a remarkable rate of development.

Medical Equipment・Medical Material

We deal with a wide range of products from medical devices through to medical materials and consumables.


We make a wide range of contributions to help people achieve healthy and comfortable lives, by providing assistance for new clinic openings, the in-hospital logistics system Supply Processing and Distribution (SPD), and human resource development.