Our Business


TOHO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. and Kyoso Mirai Group, as wholesalers that support healthcare, thoroughly pursue the quality of pharmaceutical logistics and help patients who are fighting diseases.

Summary of Reagent Business

Main Product Lines

  • ・In-vitro diagnostics (clinical reagents)
  • ・Analytical equipment for clinical inspections
  • ・Laboratory information systems
  • ・POCT* related equipment and reagents
  • ・Research reagents
  • ・Physical and chemical instruments
  • *POCT
  • POCT (Point of Care Testing) is "real-time testing on-site at the clinical practice" performed close to the patient using simple reagents and equipment. Based on its prompt test results, POCT can provide science-based diagnosis and treatment, and also obtain informed consent, which leads to increasing the level of patients' satisfaction.
  • A variety of POCT products have been launched on the market and utilized on-site at medical practices, such as reagents for the detection of influenza and other infecting viruses, or reagents which detect diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and other lifestyle-related diseases. POCT products are also used during the "fingertip self blood sampling" performed in pharmacies as a useful tool for community healthcare.
  • In this way, POCT performed near the patients meets a wide range of needs and is becoming more widespread.
  • We will strengthen the lineup of reliable POCT-related reagents and equipment to support patient-oriented innovative medical institutions.