Our Business


We purchase more than 200,000 kinds of products from more than 1,000 manufacturers in Japan and other countries, and supply them to more than 110,000 customers all over Japan. In order to focus on the greatest needs, the "quick and optimal procurement of goods," we vigorously promote the improvement and restructuring of logistics and customer support systems.

To provide necessary pharmaceuticals when needed

  • ・We try to provide a comprehensive range of medical products, including prescription pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, medical devices and materials, OTC drugs, etc.
  • ・We provide a "Wholesale of Pharmaceuticals in Small Lots" service, in which a selection of about 2,600 pharmaceuticals can be purchased in smallest units of 1 sheet, 1 bottle, etc.
  • ・The pharmaceutical ordering terminal "ENIF" enables customers to place order 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


To guarantee a safe and secure pharmaceutical supply

Support customers with a variety of functions

Our call center not only responds to orders but also provides a variety of other functions, including drug information (DI), product information, outbound services to customers, etc.