Our Business

Medical Equipment・Medical Material

We offer the best equipment from various manufactures that meets the needs of doctors, pharmacists and medical institutions.


We offer medical devices including MRI and CT as well as image filing systems tailored to the individual practice styles of doctors. In addition, we deal with the latest dispensing machines. We also provide medical devices and materials used in core hospitals and university hospitals. In close cooperation with each department, we offer SPD commodities management services which streamline hospital management.

Regarding in-home medical devices, we provide a rental service for medical devices used in Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN), Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) and Home Oxygen Therapy (HOT). As a coordinator of in-home medical care, we promote educational activities for each section engaged in home care liaison so that patients can feel comfortable receiving medical care at home.

Main Equipment Product Lines

  • Diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Medical information systems
  • Dispensing machines
  • Medical materials
  • Medical treatment-related devices
  • In-home medical devices
  • Equipment for medical institutions